Ordem Magnética Thebana Brasil (Fernando Liberal)

A trailblazer in the realms of magnetism and mesmerism, redefining personal development through ancient sciences.

Fernando Liberal, a 40-year-old from Rio de Janeiro, has emerged as a significant figure in the field of personal development and the human mind. His work primarily revolves around the principles of Fascination, Magnetism, and Mesmerism, a legacy of Franz Anton Mesmer, the 18th-century physician who founded Mesmerism. Liberal’s expertise and innovative approach have placed him among the most notable personalities in this domain, earning him a spot in the “12 Brilliant Minds” by Istoé magazine.

His journey began with a career in sales before obtaining a degree in administration. However, it was his foray into the ancient practices of magnetism and mesmerism that marked a turning point in his life. Over the past decade, Liberal has been at the forefront of introducing these techniques to Brazil, holding over 17 certifications and impacting the lives of more than 10,000 students across seven countries.

Liberal’s methodology is distinguished by its non-verbal nature, involving fascination, touch, passes, and eye contact to induce trance states and influence the body’s energy field. He asserts that his techniques are devoid of any religious undertones, utilizing ancient languages to affect the collective subconscious and alter repetitive patterns among individuals. His work has reportedly benefitted over 10,000 people with various issues, including anxiety, depression, fear, stress, phobias, and low self-esteem, as well as enhancing sexual energy.

One of the more controversial aspects of Liberal’s practice involves performances that have a sexual undertone, which have garnered significant attention on social media. These include visual and physical techniques purportedly aimed at elevating a person’s sexual energy, leading to mixed reactions from the public. Some have drawn parallels between Liberal and other controversial figures, though Liberal maintains that his work is purely professional and focused on personal development.

Liberal is also the creator and leader of the Ordem Magnética Thebana Brasil (OMTB), a group dedicated to the study and practice of these ancient sciences. He and his partner, Ana Roncato, who leads a significant movement for female self-awareness and magnetism in Brazil, continue to offer workshops, courses, and seminars aimed at harnessing the power of magnetism for personal growth.

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