Vale do Amanhecer

A Brazilian spiritualist community known for its unique blend of Christianity, Spiritism, and indigenous beliefs.

Religion: Spiritism
Founder: Neiva Chaves Zelaya (Tia Neiva)
Founded: 1959
Location: Brazil
Other Names: Valley of the Dawn

Vale do Amanhecer, or Valley of the Dawn, is a new religious movement and UFO religion founded in the 1960s by Neiva Chaves Zelaya, commonly known as Tia Neiva. This movement is based in Planaltina, Federal District, Brazil, where its main temple, the mother temple, is located. Tia Neiva, a former truck driver, began experiencing visions in 1957 which she believed were communications from extraterrestrial spirits. These experiences led to the establishment of Vale do Amanhecer, which she formally founded in 1969 after moving to the area now known as the Valley​​​​​​.

Vale do Amanhecer incorporates elements of Christianity, Spiritism, Umbanda, esoteric beliefs, and a strong focus on the belief in UFOs. The religious doctrine is highly syncretic, combining these diverse elements into a unique spiritual framework. The community believes in the existence of spiritual beings and emphasizes the importance of mediumship, spiritual healing, and the guidance of spirit guides. Members, referred to as mediums and visitants, are thought to be reincarnated spirits, known as “Jaguars,” with a mission to help humanity through spiritual work, and engage in daily spiritual practices called “trabalhos” or works, at their temple. These activities include spirit-healing rituals and are open to anyone seeking help with spiritual or personal issues​​​​.

Rituals and ceremonies in Vale do Amanhecer are colorful and elaborate, often involving processions, chants, and the use of symbolic regalia. These practices are aimed at establishing communication with the spiritual realm, providing healing, and conducting spiritual cleansings. The community celebrates several rituals regularly, each with its specific purpose and symbolism. These rituals are central to the community’s spiritual life and are believed to facilitate the members’ spiritual growth and their mission to assist others.

The community around Vale do Amanhecer includes about 500 residents and extends to a larger community of around 20,000 people, many of whom are connected to the Valley either through work or spiritual practice. The focal point of the community is the elliptically shaped Temple of Vale do Amanhecer, designed to represent a labyrinth of spiritual paths. The temple complex also features other symbolic structures such as the Solar dos Médiums, which includes the Estrela Candente and the Lago de Iemanjá, adorned with spiritual and religious iconography​​​​.

Tia Neiva’s vision for Vale do Amanhecer extended beyond religious practice; it was also a social mission. She set up a legal entity to provide care for abandoned children, reflecting her commitment to social welfare. After her death in 1985, a structured hierarchy of successors continued her work, maintaining the community’s focus on spiritual and social development​​​​.

Today, Vale do Amanhecer claims a global presence with approximately 600 temples worldwide and as many as 800,000 followers. It continues to attract attention both for its unique beliefs in extraterrestrial influences and its vibrant, elaborate rituals​​​​.

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