Water of Life Ministries (Doyle Davidson)

A non-denominational Christian group led by Doyle Davidson with controversial teachings and practices.

Water of Life Ministries was founded by Doyle Davidson in Plano, Texas, after he felt directed by God to speak to the people of Plano. Established on November 24, 1980, the ministry is non-denominational and considers its members to be part of the body of Christ within the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Davidson’s teachings focus on the gospel—the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ—asserting that this message brings spiritual rain and blessings as prophesied by Zechariah the prophet.

The ministry and Davidson himself have been subjects of considerable controversy and scrutiny. One particularly disturbing incident involved Dena Schlosser, a member of the church who, in a psychotic state, harmed her child. This tragic case drew attention to Davidson’s intense preaching style and his focus on demonic possession and spiritual warfare, leading to criticism that his influence had a detrimental effect on Schlosser’s mental health. As a result, Davidson’s broadcasts were removed from four stations due to protests over his content.

Davidson’s personal life and interactions with his followers have also sparked controversy, including his claim to a spiritual marriage with a woman named Lisa Staton, who was legally married to another man. Davidson’s pursuit of Staton and his public declarations about their supposed spiritual union have led to legal confrontations and public outcry. His actions and statements regarding this matter have been widely criticized and viewed as manipulative and delusional.

Furthermore, Water of Life Ministries has caught the attention of cult watchdog organizations, including the Cult Education Institute, which has compiled information on the group. Such organizations are concerned with the practices and teachings of Davidson and his ministry, categorizing them as potentially harmful and cult-like in nature.

The ministry continues its operations, promoting Davidson’s messages and teachings through various media, despite the controversies and criticisms it faces. Davidson’s approach to Christianity and his leadership of Water of Life Ministries remain polarizing, attracting both followers and detractors.