Ivica Prokić

A mystic and mentor whose legacy is continued through silent gazes.

Ivica Prokić, also known as Toplica Prokić, emerged as a significant figure in the realm of spiritual healing and mysticism in the Balkans during the late 20th century. Originating from Southern Serbia, Prokić’s life took a dramatic turn following a mysterious incident involving the suicide of his first wife, which led him to seek refuge in Croatia. His journey into spiritualism began with a peculiar incident that left him with a burn on his ankle and a sensation of energy coursing through his body, which he interpreted as a divine sign of his newfound powers.

Prokić claimed that a piece of the Sun had entered him directly, granting him extraordinary abilities. He believed that once he possessed a kilogram of gold, he would become a direct conduit to the Sun, a symbol that remained central to his teachings. His philosophy intertwined millenarian threats of divine cleansing with natural disasters, asserting that salvation would come to those who sought refuge under certain “cross mountains” in Serbia and Croatia.

Throughout his career, Prokić authored thirteen books, which he deemed revelations and therapeutic in nature. These writings painted him as the first prophet of Zagreb, a herald of a new era and civilization. His visions, received through a technique known as “channeling,” blended elements of Christian, Eastern, and mythological beliefs, including references to Jesus Christ, chakras, karma, reincarnation, and Atlantis.

Prokić’s influence peaked with his claim to be the messiah of a new civilization, a role foretold by Nostradamus, positioning himself as a figure transcending human limitations. His followers, numbering over a million in the early years of his practice, sought his guidance for healing and salvation, offering him tributes of flowers and donations.

Tragically, Prokić’s life ended abruptly in 1995 when he drowned on a beach in South Africa, a death many of his followers attribute to his ascension towards the Sun, thereby becoming a part of cosmic energy. His spiritual legacy was continued by his faithful pupil, Josip Grbavac, known as Braco, who adopted and evolved Prokić’s practices by focusing on healing through silent gazes, further distancing the movement from any religious affiliations and diving deeper into New Age beliefs.

Braco, who had joined Prokić’s movement as a young economist, eventually became his designated successor. Following Prokić’s death, Braco took over the organization, emphasizing healing through silent, peaceful gazes that reportedly had profound effects on those present, even in large groups. This unique method of healing, conducted without any verbal communication or diagnosis, attracted thousands, continuing to draw crowds both in person and through video sessions during Braco’s tours​​​​​​.

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