Order of the Transformants

Living according to the sacred scripture Dictum Dei, emphasizing free will, respect, and a communal way of life.

The Order of the Transformants is a new religious movement established in 2003 and officially registered in the Netherlands in 2005. It advocates for living in accordance with the teachings contained in their sacred scripture, the Dictum Dei. This text outlines a way of life and philosophy that stresses the importance of one’s own free will and respect for all individuals, regardless of race, gender, personal background, sexual orientation, or age. The Transformants aspire to a community-based living arrangement, where members from various generations support one another, sharing life’s joys and challenges within a framework of fellowship​​​​.

The movement emphasizes personal development, constructive use of time, and the recognition and appreciation of the innate uniqueness and value of every individual. This perspective allows for various forms of relationships, including polyamory, within the community. The Transformants engage in communal living, where members, despite having external jobs and children attending public schools, live together, promoting a supportive environment for both the young and the elderly. This setting facilitates the sharing of daily life’s ups and downs and fosters a secure and nurturing environment for all members​​.

The Order of the Transformants gained significant media attention following a police raid at the Graefenthal Monastery in Germany, where some members worked and lived. This raid was triggered by allegations related to the community’s living arrangements and relationships. However, subsequent legal proceedings in the Netherlands concluded that children within the community were safe and not at risk of abuse, leading to their return to their families. The Dutch court’s investigation found the allegations of isolation and non-attendance at public schools to be false, noting that the children were well integrated into societal norms, attending public schools, participating in extracurricular activities, and receiving necessary medical care​​.

The Transformants’ teachings advocate respect for all faiths, urging mutual respect among different religious groups. They open their community to anyone interested in learning about their way of life, offering insights through services and day-long experiences to acquaint outsiders with their teachings and community life​​​​.

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