Oracle Girl (Jacqueline Hobbs)

A conduit for divine wisdom, advocating physical and spiritual transformation through purification.

Jacqueline Hobbs, also known as Oracle Girl, has carved a unique niche in the realm of spiritual healing and guidance. With a focus on initiating and accelerating positive changes within society, Oracle Girl promotes the power of personal purification to effect societal transformation. Through her public talks, group and personal purifications, and an extensive online library of resources, Oracle Girl emphasizes the importance of embracing love and upgrading one’s physical and biological being to align with higher frequencies of existence​​​​.

Oracle Girl’s teachings revolve around the concept of two coexisting timelines on Earth: one where humanity continues to operate under the constraints of what she terms the “slave self,” and another where individuals are actively upgrading their physical selves to become new, high-frequency beings capable of embodying multidimensional realities. This process of transformation is not limited to consciousness or mental patterns but involves a comprehensive physical upgrade to enhance the body’s capacity to host this evolved existence​​.

A notable aspect of Hobbs’ work is her exploration of “divine nutrition” and beyond breatharianism, reflecting her deep dives into the potential of the human body and spirit. She believes that at this historical juncture, the divine aspect of our being is activating, and it’s possible to hasten this awakening. Her approach suggests that with the right guidance and practices, individuals can transcend traditional limits of physical and spiritual nourishment, stepping into realms of existence that harmonize with universal principles of love and freedom​​.

Oracle Girl operates on a donation basis, underscoring her commitment to accessibility and the genuine desire to aid in the collective shift towards a more enlightened, interconnected human experience. Her work, encapsulated on her website, serves those seeking to navigate the complexities of contemporary life while aligning with a higher purpose and potential​​.

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