Roy Masters

A pioneering figure in talk radio counseling and meditation, whose teachings sparked both admiration and controversy.

Roy Masters was an English-born American author, radio personality, businessman, and hypnotist, best known for founding the Foundation of Human Understanding (FHU) in 1963. Masters, originally named Reuben Obermeister, moved to the United States with a vision to explore and share insights on human understanding and spirituality. Throughout his life, he became a prominent figure in the realm of non-denominational spiritual counseling, offering guidance through his radio program, Advice Line, which aired continuously for nearly six decades.

Masters’ journey into the world of counseling and spiritual teaching was marked by his early work in hypnosis, which he later abandoned in favor of meditation and mindfulness practices. He was a self-taught individual who ventured into various fields before dedicating his life to what he saw as a calling to help others find inner peace and understanding. His legal battle over the non-medical practice of hypnosis in his early career set a precedent for the legality of such practices, highlighting his willingness to confront established norms and legal boundaries.

The FHU, based in Grants Pass, Oregon, aims to assist individuals in perfecting their spiritual nature through the principles of Judeo-Christianity. It offers a variety of resources, including meditation exercises, books, radio shows, and recorded lectures, all designed to promote mental and spiritual well-being. Masters’ unique approach to addressing life’s problems through understanding and overcoming internal conflicts has garnered a dedicated following, as well as criticism from some quarters.

Masters’ legacy includes a vast array of publications covering topics such as Christianity, health, parenting, religion, sex, and stress. His seminal work, “How Your Mind Can Keep You Well,” encapsulates his philosophy that understanding and controlling one’s own mind is key to achieving wellness and spiritual fulfillment. Despite the controversies that surrounded some of his teachings and practices, Masters’ contributions to the field of spiritual counseling and his pioneering role in talk radio have left an indelible mark.

Roy Masters passed away in 2021, leaving behind a complex legacy as a teacher, counselor, and spiritual guide. His work continues to influence and inspire through the Foundation of Human Understanding, ensuring that his teachings and insights remain accessible to those seeking guidance and spiritual growth.