Global Vision Bible Church (Greg Locke)

A vibrant congregation led by a firebrand pastor at the crossroads of faith and controversy.

Global Vision Bible Church (GVBC), located in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, is a non-denominational church known for its charismatic lead pastor, Greg Locke. The church prides itself on welcoming everyone as they are, emphasizing growth in seeking God’s will and showing His love. Founded by Locke, GVBC offers a range of activities and services aimed at fostering a sense of community and spiritual growth among its members. The church holds regular worship services on Wednesdays and Sundays, with a commitment to the inerrancy of the Bible as its foundation for faith and practice.

Greg Locke, the church’s founder and lead pastor, is a controversial figure in the religious and public spheres. He has gained national attention for his views and actions, which include speaking at pro-Trump events, making contentious statements about vaccines and the 2020 presidential election, and engaging in activities that have sparked significant debate. Locke has made headlines for his remarks on mental health conditions and autism, suggesting they could be forms of demonic possession, and for a book burning event targeting materials related to witchcraft and the occult. Additionally, Locke’s personal life and marriages have also been subjects of public interest, contributing to his complex and divisive public persona.

GVBC and Locke have been involved in various projects beyond traditional pastoral duties, including producing documentary films aimed at sparking revival and focusing on deliverance ministries. Despite the controversies, the church continues to engage in community services, emphasizing the importance of spiritual warfare and deliverance in its teachings and activities.

Locke’s stance on political and social issues, particularly his advocacy for violence in specific international conflicts and his call for actions against perceived enemies of Christianity, has added to the polarized views surrounding him and his ministry. His comments have often led to widespread criticism from both secular and religious communities, highlighting the challenges and controversies that come with Locke’s approach to ministry and public engagement.

The church’s beliefs and practices, under Locke’s leadership, reflect a distinct blend of evangelical Christianity with a focus on spiritual warfare, deliverance, and a literal interpretation of the Bible. GVBC’s approach to ministry, combined with Locke’s provocative style, continues to attract attention and foster a dedicated following while also inviting scrutiny and debate.