Alleluia Community

A vibrant ecumenical covenant community with a heart for unity, service, and living the Christian faith together.

Founded in 1973 in Augusta, Georgia, the Alleluia Community emerged from a Charismatic prayer group with a vision to live the Christian life more intentionally. The community, embracing an ecumenical spirit, includes members from over 12 Christian denominations committed to a covenant that binds them to share life, resources, and faith in a profound way​​.

The community initially practiced communal economics, with members sharing everything in common, including finances and living spaces. This approach evolved over time, allowing for individual ownership while maintaining a strong sense of communal support and shared responsibilities. Members contribute a portion of their income to support the community’s fund and its school, embodying the principle of living in solidarity with one another​​.

Ecumenism and unity are central tenets of the Alleluia Community. Rather than focusing on resolving doctrinal differences, members prioritize love, mutual respect, and service to the Lord as the basis of their community life. This ethos reflects a belief in the importance of unity among Christians as foundational to living out their faith in a communal setting​​.

Authority within the community is viewed through the lens of servitude, where leaders are seen as servants to the members, guiding and helping them to live according to the community’s commitments and values. This approach fosters a supportive environment where members can grow in their faith and live out their Christian calling​​.

The Alleluia Community is not just about living together; it’s about growing together in sanctity, evangelizing, and supporting one another in the Christian journey. Their practices include regular Praise and Worship Meetings and participation in a variety of outreach activities, all aimed at sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with others​​​​.

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