Endeavor Academy

A spiritual enclave dedicated to enlightenment through “A Course in Miracles.”

Endeavor Academy, established in 1992 as the New Christian Church of Full Endeavor, emerged as a unique spiritual community focused on the teachings of “A Course in Miracles” (ACIM), a self-study program designed to bring about spiritual transformation. Founded by Charles Buell Anderson, the Academy combined elements from ACIM, the New Testament, and other sources, including Alcoholics Anonymous materials, to forge its distinctive path to enlightenment.

History and Development

The Academy’s origins trace back to the early 1980s when Anderson encountered ACIM, leading to the foundation of the organization in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, initially under the name “God’s Country Place.” By 1992, it had rebranded as Endeavor Academy and the New Christian Church of Full Endeavor. Its headquarters, situated in the Wisconsin Dells area, was a converted summer resort that housed a growing community, which by 1999 included 500 residents. Facilities such as the Miracles Healing Center and Revelation Hall were central to the Academy’s activities, providing spaces for worship, healing, and international gatherings.

Spiritual Teachings and Practices

Endeavor Academy’s curriculum was profoundly influenced by ACIM, with a focus on spiritual awakening, the realization of God’s presence, and the transcendence of the ego. The Academy offered a range of programs catering to individuals at various stages of their spiritual journey, from those seeking personal enlightenment to those feeling a call to ministry. Classes and activities included devotional practices, meditation, and communal worship, alongside practical services to the wider community such as prison ministry and addiction recovery support.

Litigation and Legal Battles

A significant chapter in the Academy’s history involved litigation over the copyright of ACIM’s text. Between 1995 and 2000, disputes with the Foundation for Inner Peace, which initially published ACIM, led to several court cases. Ultimately, many of the copyright claims were voided, placing much of ACIM’s material in the public domain and allowing the Academy to publish its own edition of the course, titled “The Advent of a Great Awakening.”

The Academy’s Legacy

Endeavor Academy’s approach to spiritual education was holistic, merging the academic rigor of a seminary with the contemplative life of a monastic community. Its teachings emphasized the direct experience of God and the practical application of ACIM’s principles to daily life. The community’s activities extended beyond its Wisconsin base, impacting individuals worldwide through its retreats, publications, and online resources. Despite its unconventional path, the Academy sought to offer a transformative spiritual experience, rooted in the belief in an inevitable shift towards a universal awakening​​​​​​.

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