Order of the Cross

A Christian mystical organization emphasizing vegetarianism, nonviolence, and the esoteric interpretation of the Bible.

The Order of the Cross is a unique spiritual community that emphasizes a compassionate and peaceful way of life, deeply rooted in veganism or vegetarianism and pacifism. This fellowship aligns itself with a mystical path of Christianity, focusing on the inner spiritual journey and the teachings of Jesus Christ, but with a distinctive interpretation that includes the concepts of reincarnation and the universal journey of the soul.

Founded by John Todd Ferrier, the Order’s teachings are disseminated through more than 40 books and booklets, encapsulating his lectures and writings. The core of these teachings revolves around the nature of the human soul, angelic ministry, and the soul’s evolutionary path across lifetimes. It addresses the fall of humanity from grace and envisages a redemption process that involves returning the Earth and all souls to a state of harmony, peace, and joy. This redemption is achieved through living a life marked by purity in diet, compassion for all beings, justice for the oppressed, and a striving towards higher human virtues.

The symbol of the cross in this fellowship is imbued with profound meaning, representing the balance and motion of the universe through its geometry. The intersecting circle and the cross’s right angles are seen as expressions of divine power and light, central to the Order’s mysticism.

Members of the Order of the Cross commit to a way of life that honors all living beings, aiming for a deep connection with the divine and an understanding that transcends conventional religious boundaries. This connection is fostered through a lifestyle that advocates for harmlessness towards all creatures, emphasizing the sanctity of life in all its forms​​​​.

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