Order of the Black Ram

A Satanic organization active in Detroit during the 1980s, known for its mix of Nazism, racism, and neo-pagan elements.

The Order of the Black Ram was a Satanic group that emerged in Detroit in the 1980s. Led by its grand magister, Rev. Seth-Klippoth, the organization gained notoriety for its controversial blend of ideologies and practices.

Ideology and Practices

The Order of the Black Ram mixed elements of Nazism and racism with the teachings of the Church of Satan and neo-paganism. This unusual combination set it apart from other Satanic and occult groups of the time. The organization was closely associated with the neo-Nazi National Renaissance Party, further emphasizing its extremist views.


While specific details of the Order’s activities are sparse, it is known that they published an irregular periodical titled “Liber Venifica.” This publication likely disseminated the group’s ideologies and may have included writings on Satanic rituals, neo-pagan beliefs, and possibly extremist political views.

Controversy and Criticism

Given its blend of Satanism, Nazism, and racism, the Order of the Black Ram was a subject of controversy and criticism. Groups that combine religious or occult practices with extremist political ideologies often face opposition and scrutiny, both from the public and from law enforcement agencies.

Decline and Legacy

The Order of the Black Ram appears to have been short-lived, with most of its activity confined to the 1980s. The group’s legacy lies in its exemplification of the sometimes volatile mix of religious or occult practices with extremist political ideologies. It remains a point of interest in studies of fringe religious movements, especially those that intersect with political extremism.