Oom Yung Doe

A martial arts school known for its unique blend of eight martial arts disciplines.

Founder: “Iron” Kim Myung-seok (John C. Kim)
Founded: 1980s
Location: United States (originally South Korea)
Other Names: Oom Yung Doe, World Martial Arts Federation (WMAF)

Oom Yung Doe is a distinctive martial arts school founded by John C. Kim, known as Grandmaster “Iron” Kim, which combines eight martial arts into one comprehensive system: Udo/Ju Jitsu, Kom Do/Samurai, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Bagwa Chung, and Ship Pal Gae, among others. It is not just a martial arts practice but also incorporates meditation, philosophy, and the application of herbal formulas and equipment, aimed at improving overall health and well-being.

At the heart of Oom Yung Doe’s philosophy is the belief in the power of martial arts to harmonize the mind, body, and spirit, thereby promoting health, longevity, and a superb quality of life. The school offers a unique 4-Level Training System, allowing students to learn from instructors of varying degrees of expertise, from local level instructors to 9th Degree Master Level Instructors who conduct specialized seminars. This inclusive approach ensures that students of any age and physical condition can start training and progress at their own pace. The martial arts styles taught are designed to be transformational, helping students reach their highest potential.

Critics, however, have raised concerns over the years. For instance, the herbal equipment sold by the school for training purposes has been scrutinized for its actual worth versus its selling price, with some arguing it represents an additional revenue stream for the school rather than having substantial therapeutic value. John C. Kim’s personal achievements, such as claiming to have won the All Asia Championship in 1956 and performing extraordinary feats like the Kyong Gong Sul Bope (a high-flying side kick), have also been controversial, with some questioning the veracity of these claims.

In addition, the school has also faced accusations over the years of unethical behavior and exaggerated claims about the value of its training. In 1989, allegations of violating the Consumer Fraud Act in Illinois led to a legal battle that concluded in 1994 with a consent decree, where the defendants did not admit wrongdoing but agreed to abide by certain regulations. Furthermore, in 1995, John C. Kim and several instructors were convicted of conspiracy to defraud the United States IRS, resulting in prison sentences for those involved.

Despite these controversies, many students and instructors advocate for the significant physical health benefits of practicing Oom Yung Doe, citing improved strength, flexibility, energy levels, and well-being. Today, Oom Yung Doe remains dedicated to its mission of improving health and wellness through traditional martial arts training, emphasizing the development of physical skills, self-defense, and mental focus​​​​​​.

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