International Community of Christ, Church of the Second Advent

An independent Christian denomination blending traditional Christianity with cosmic spirituality and the teachings of Cosolargy.


The International Community of Christ, Church of the Second Advent, represents a unique blend of Christian beliefs intertwined with cosmic spiritual concepts, rooted in the teachings of Cosolargy. Founded in 1959 by Gene Savoy, the church began as the American Philosophical Institute of Cosolargy in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, and underwent several name changes before establishing its permanent center in Reno, Nevada, in 1972​​.

Founder and Ideology

Gene Savoy, an explorer and religious researcher, discovered over 40 Inca and pre-Inca cities in Peru, earning him recognition as the “real Indiana Jones.” His spiritual journey led to the development of Cosolargy, a modern system for spiritual self-regeneration based on the hidden teachings of the Essenes, believed to be precursors to modern messianic age teachings​​. Savoy’s work aimed to integrate these ancient teachings with contemporary spiritual practices, culminating in the establishment of the International Community of Christ.

Core Beliefs and Practices

The church posits Jesus as an Essene master teacher, announcing the appearance of the Sun of Righteousness for the redemption of humanity. It teaches that the Second Coming is not a human messiah but a cosmic event manifesting God’s presence through divine light, which has been occurring since 1962. This belief is based on the revelations of Jamil, a child seer, whose life fulfilled the prophetic requirements of the one to come as God’s final human messenger​​.

Cosolargy, central to the church’s teachings, suggests that individuals can achieve spiritual regeneration and self-transformation through a process that involves communion with God’s Word through Light. This system, believed to have been taught by Jesus and his immediate disciples, was lost to established churches but has been reclaimed by the Second Advent Church through revelation. It emphasizes the activation of latent psycho-physical and spiritual faculties, leading to the development of a spiritual Light body for participation in ultradimensional worlds​​.

The Church Today

Located in Reno, Nevada, the International Community of Christ maintains facilities for communion, marriage, baptism, and other rites. It also operates a geothermal healing center at Steamboat Hot Springs south of Reno and is active in the ecumenical and interfaith community. The church has a global membership and established a branch in Japan in 2008​​.