Endtime Ministries

A Pentecostal Christian organization offering eschatological insights and biblical prophecy interpretations.

Endtime Ministries, based in Plano, Texas, is a Pentecostal Christian organization founded by Irvin Baxter Jr. It distinguishes itself as a teacher of biblical prophecy, focusing on interpreting world events through the lens of the Bible, with a strong emphasis on eschatology—the study of the end times. The organization has made several predictions over the years, including a new world war expected to claim up to two billion lives, and identifying nations such as Britain, the reunified Holy Roman Empire, Russia, and Germany with the “four beasts” mentioned in the Book of Daniel​​.

The ministry was established by Irvin Baxter in 1986, with its roots going back to 1965 when Baxter, at the age of 19, felt inspired to seek the truth behind the Book of Revelation. This quest led him to predict the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1968, an event he linked to the ushering in of the New World Order. The ministry is well-known for its publication, Endtime Magazine, launched in 1991 and recognized as a widely read prophecy magazine worldwide. In addition to the magazine, Endtime Ministries offers a variety of resources including daily broadcasts across America, featuring Irvin Baxter or Dave Robbins, aiming to educate and inspire people about Bible prophecy and the end times​​.

Endtime Ministries has also been involved in controversies, such as its protest against the REAL ID Act of 2005, linking it to the biblical “Mark of the Beast.” In 2020, it received significant attention when it applied for and received a substantial amount from the Small Business Administration’s Payroll Protection Program, despite being a non-profit organization that pays no taxes. Furthermore, in the same year, Irvin Baxter Jr. suggested that the coronavirus pandemic was a divine warning about “the sin of fornication,” a statement that became highly controversial, especially as Baxter Jr. later succumbed to COVID-19 complications​​.

The organization continues its mission today, engaging with a global audience through its website, social media platforms, and Endtime+ streaming service, providing access to a vast library of content including new releases, censored content, and courses from the Jerusalem Prophecy College​​.

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