Abraham–Hicks (Esther Hicks)

A pioneering force behind the Law of Attraction, channeling infinite intelligence for personal empowerment.

Esther Hicks, born Esther Weaver in 1948 in Coalville, Utah, is an American inspirational speaker and author, widely recognized for her work with Abraham-Hicks teachings on the Law of Attraction. Together with her late husband, Jerry Hicks, who passed away in 2011, Esther introduced the teachings of a group of non-physical entities collectively known as “Abraham” to a global audience. Jerry and Esther Hicks authored several bestselling books, including “The Law of Attraction,” “Ask and It is Given,” and “Money and the Law of Attraction,” contributing significantly to the field of personal development and spiritual growth.

The essence of Abraham-Hicks’ teachings, which Esther Hicks channels, revolves around the concept that individuals are physical extensions of the non-physical and that one’s emotional state serves as a guidance system to how aligned one is with their source or inner being. Central to their message is the belief that life is supposed to be fun and easy, emphasizing freedom, joy, and growth as the basis, purpose, and inevitable result of life, respectively. Through their teachings, they advocate that individuals are powerful creators, capable of manifesting their desires into reality by focusing their thoughts and emotions positively.

The teachings highlight the significance of emotions in indicating what one is creating, either consciously or unconsciously, and stress the universe’s adoration for individuals, acknowledging their broadest intentions. They propose that by focusing on joy, individuals can effortlessly attract desirable manifestations such as wealth, relationships, and overall success into their lives.

Abraham–Hicks has emphasized that life is not meant to be a struggle but a process of allowing and that physical manifestations are by-products of focusing on joy. They assert that individuals may leave their physical bodies without illness or pain, reinforcing the concept of eternal life and the ever-expansive, creative, and life-affirming nature of the universe.

Esther Hicks’ role in popularizing the Law of Attraction was further cemented by her participation in the original version of the film “The Secret,” although her footage was later removed due to contractual disputes. Despite Jerry’s passing, Esther continues to spread the teachings of Abraham through workshops, seminars, and online platforms, inspiring thousands to embrace the power of positive thinking and manifestation.

The teachings of Abraham–Hicks, with their focus on the Law of Attraction, personal empowerment, and the importance of aligning with one’s true self, have garnered a significant following worldwide. They are regarded as a seminal influence in the personal development sphere, encouraging individuals to live in harmony with the universe’s laws and to manifest their deepest desires through the power of focused intention​​​​​​.

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