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A spiritual tradition emphasizing esoteric knowledge as the path to true enlightenment and salvation.

The Gatekeepers

A religious militant group that demanded total obedience, leading to deadly consequences for dissenters.

Stella Matutina

A magical order emerging from the Golden Dawn tradition, focusing on occultism and esoteric knowledge.

Alpha et Omega

A mystical offshoot of the Golden Dawn, marked by secrecy and a rich legacy in occult traditions.

Hellfire Club

An 18th-century bastion of the elite indulging in debauchery and mockery of religious norms under the guise of a gentleman's club.

Commune Media, Inc.

A nexus for personal and societal transformation through online wellness education.

Temple of Chrysalis

Harnessing the transformative power of the self through esoteric rituals and philosophic systems inspired by the lifecycle of a butterfly.

Animas Valley Institute

A pioneering organization in the heart of southwest Colorado, dedicated to facilitating deep, transformative connection with nature and the self.

Brother Panic

A spiritual guide in the metaphysical and occult realms, leaving a lasting legacy through his teachings and publications.

Bobby Hemmitt

A recognized figure in the realms of esoteric knowledge, metaphysics, and the occult.

Dr. Delbert Blair

A spiritual leader exploring the depths of metaphysics, history, and the unknown.

Three Jewels NYC

A sanctuary in the heart of New York offering a blend of yoga, meditation, and Buddhist teachings.

Michael Roach

An American Buddhist monk known for his unconventional journey through spirituality and business, and his role in a controversial retreat.


A life coaching organization embroiled in controversy and labeled a cult by critics.

The Move (Sam Fife)

A non-denominational charismatic Christian group with a complex legacy of spiritual ambition and alleged abuse.

Ivica Prokić

A mystic and mentor whose legacy is continued through silent gazes.

Dr. Joe Dispenza

A controversial figure in the realm of self-healing and spirituality, blending modern science with ancient wisdom.

Jay Shetty

A spiritual journey from monkhood to self-help stardom challenged by controversies.

Troubled Teen Industry

A controversial network of programs and facilities aiming to reform youth behavior, often criticized for its punitive measures and lack of oversight.

Enthusiastic Sobriety

A controversial approach to teen and young adult sobriety, blending intense community support with a modified 12-step program.

Order of the Mustard Seed

A dispersed community committed to prayer, mission, and justice, inspired by 18th-century Moravian principles.


A transformative collective aimed at re-awakening the limitless potential within, inspired by the mythical Lemuria.

Ishmael Chokurongerwa

A Zimbabwean self-proclaimed prophet entangled in child labor and minor abuse allegations within his secluded sect.

The Order

A radical white supremacist group, marked by violent crimes and a notable assassination in the mid-1980s.

Tyler Deaton

A spiritual leader whose controversial beliefs led to a tragic murder within his prayer group.

John de Ruiter

A controversial spiritual leader mesmerizing followers with silent gazes and profound teachings.

Self-Realization Fellowship

A bridge between Eastern spirituality and Western culture, blending Kriya Yoga teachings with modern life principles.

Brainwashing and Mind Control: A Threat to Freedom or a Misunderstood Concept?

Brainwashing, a term first coined by Edward Hunter in 1950, ignites debates on the extent to which mind control can influence human behavior. While media typically portrays it as a mechanism of coercive control prevalent in cults and new religious movements, the concept encompasses a spectrum of techniques used to manipulate attitudes, values, and beliefs.…

Chung Moo Quan

A martial arts discipline embroiled in controversy, with ties to cult-like activities and legal battles.

Christian Exodus

A quest for a Christian theocracy through mass migration and secession, targeting South Carolina as its haven.

Deepak Chopra

A pioneering figure in the New Age movement and alternative medicine, blending ancient wisdom with modern science.

Children of Thunder

A murderous spree under the guise of a religious mission led by a self-proclaimed prophet.

Esalen Institute

A pivotal sanctuary for the exploration of human potential through alternative education and transformative practices.

Spirit Weavers

A gathering that embodies the celebration of the feminine essence through ancestral practices and connection to nature.

Mai Niti Healing Centre

A sanctuary of transformation and healing in the heart of the Amazon, guided by ancestral wisdom.

Élan School

A notorious therapeutic boarding school cloaked in controversy and allegations of abuse.


A Danish evangelical Christian free church embroiled in controversies over property and community practices.

Order of the Transformants

Living according to the sacred scripture Dictum Dei, emphasizing free will, respect, and a communal way of life.

Yoga in Daily Life

A holistic approach to well-being, integrating physical, mental, and spiritual practices for a balanced life.


A spiritual training center embroiled in controversy and allegations of abuse.

Kingdom of Pineal

A polygamous sect embroiled in controversy and alleged illicit activities.

Christbridge Academy

A Christian educational environment fostering academic excellence and personal growth, which has faced serious sexual misconduct allegations

Robin D. Bullock

A dynamic Christian figure blending prophecy and music in his ministry.

Danny Morel

A journey from real estate mogul to life coach and spiritual guide, fostering self-discovery and inner transformation.

Free Him Now

An Apostolic Center aimed at equipping and delivering believers to embrace the Holy Spirit.

Zhi Gang Sha

A pioneering bridge between Eastern healing traditions and Western medicine, blending ancient wisdom with modern science for holistic health.


A sanctuary for holistic healing and intentional community living nestled in the North Carolina foothills.

Fabeku Fatunmise

A multi-faceted guide at the intersection of creativity, business, and spiritual practice.

Dayemi Tariqat

A Sufi spiritual community bridging ancient practices with modern philanthropy.

Jordan B. Peterson

A controversial figure sparking global debate on psychology, culture, and personal responsibility.

Andrew Tate

A controversial influencer leading a digital movement with a fervent following.


An ancient belief system revived as a racial creed.

House of Cadifor

An Australian sex cult entwined with BDSM practices, led by a self-styled patriarch charged with severe allegations.


A category of direct sales organizations masquerading as a multitude of marketing firms.

National Labor Federation

A shadowy communist group operating under the guise of worker support, entangled in cult-like secrecy and controversy.

United Nation of Islam

A controversial religious movement founded as an offshoot of the Nation of Islam, known for its forced labor practices and unconventional beliefs.

Young Living

A wellness empire embroiled in allegations of operating as a "cult-like" pyramid scheme under the guise of essential oil sales.

Aravindan Balakrishnan

A Maoist cult leader's descent into tyranny and abuse under the guise of revolutionary socialism.

Roger Billings

A controversial figure blending technology, education, and religious leadership amid allegations of creating an underground 'cult'.

Holdeman Mennonites

A distinct Anabaptist community emphasizing separation from the world and strict adherence to biblical teachings.

Human Design

A revolutionary self-discovery system that combines ancient wisdom with modern science.


A charismatic spiritual teacher embroiled in controversy and allegations of cult-like behavior.

Spring Thibaudeau

A woman embroiled in a doomsday prophecy involving her teenage son and apocalyptic beliefs.

Colonia Dignidad

A German enclave in Chile that became synonymous with human rights abuses, including torture, child abuse, and enforced disappearances.

Misanthropic Luciferian Order

A clandestine group embracing dark esotericism and chaos-gnostic Satanism, known for its extreme beliefs and criminal activities.

Lyman Family

A community fervently centered around the mystical and authoritarian leadership of Mel Lyman, diverging sharply from the hippie movement of its time.

Eugene Landy

A controversial figure in psychology, remembered for his radical treatment methods and significant influence over the life and career of Beach Boys' Brian Wilson.