Outreach International

Empowering communities worldwide to overcome poverty through sustainable, community-led development.

Outreach International has been at the forefront of facilitating community-led development to address poverty-related issues since 1979. Operating in 10 countries, the organization emphasizes a unique, participatory approach to sustainable change, focusing on empowering communities through a process called the Participatory Human Development Process (PHDP)​​.

Our Process

The PHDP is a nine-step method designed to mobilize communities towards identifying, prioritizing, and resolving issues of persistent poverty. This process begins with integration, where Outreach’s field staff build trust and establish communication channels with community members. It moves through stages including social investigation, identification and prioritization of ideas, and groundwork preparation, leading up to collective action and reflection on achievements​​.

Impact and Values

Outreach International prides itself on its impact and values, emphasizing the empowerment of communities as the key to ending chronic poverty. Their work is rooted in the belief in the inherent worth of all persons and the crucial role of community empowerment. The organization’s commitment to inclusivity and sustainable outcomes drives their approach, ensuring that every action taken is a step towards a more empowered, joyful world​​.

Recognition and Support

The organization’s dedication to transparency and effectiveness in combating poverty has earned it high ratings from charity evaluators, including a 4-star rating on Charity Navigator. Outreach International’s work goes beyond mere aid; it focuses on teaching communities to sustainably manage and improve their conditions, ensuring long-term success and empowerment​​.

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