Outer Dimensional Forces

A Texas-based UFO group anticipating extraterrestrial intervention in Armageddon.

Outer Dimensional Forces (ODF), established in the 1960s by Orville Gordon (who later renamed himself Nodrog, his surname spelled backward), is a UFO cult with a unique apocalyptic vision. Originating in Weslaco, Texas, the group gained notoriety for its belief in imminent Armageddon precipitated by extraterrestrials, known as the “Outer Dimensional Forces.” Nodrog asserted that these beings would initiate the end times due to humanity’s mistreatment of Earth. To prepare for this cataclysmic event, he transformed his property into what he called the “Armageddon Time Ark Base,” a supposed UFO landing site where he and his followers would be collected by the extraterrestrials for salvation.

The group’s activities and beliefs attracted significant attention and concern from authorities, leading to a dramatic raid in 1985 by Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) agents. The raid targeted the group’s headquarters, resulting in the confiscation of weapons and “threatening” literature. This literature included references to President Reagan among others as ‘bloodsuckers,’ highlighting the group’s radical views and their preparations for the end times. Despite these confrontations with law enforcement, ODF has maintained a presence, even keeping a website to propagate its beliefs​​​​​​.

The ODF story is marked by legal troubles and public incidents that underscore the tension between the group’s apocalyptic beliefs and societal norms. In the early 1980s, an ODF member was involved in a pipe bombing incident, targeting a former mayor over a dispute related to the lumberyard that served as the group’s base. This episode, along with other confrontations with local authorities, illustrates the extreme lengths to which the group’s members were willing to go in defense of their beliefs and property, believed to be crucial for their salvation in the impending apocalypse​​.

Despite the group’s controversial actions and the law enforcement’s scrutiny, the Outer Dimensional Forces have persisted, with its members continuing to adhere to the belief in an extraterrestrial orchestrated Armageddon.

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