Living Love Fellowship

A small spiritual community devoted to personal and global spiritual development.

Living Love Fellowship, also associated with the figure Amadon, was a group that garnered attention for its spiritual teachings and practices, as well as its controversial activities. Founded on the principles of promoting true spirituality and service to the human family, the Fellowship presented itself as a small spiritual family of friends working and living together to practice their shared values. The group’s mission was described as encouraging individuals to devote themselves to the form of spirituality they recognize as true and essential in their hearts.

The Fellowship first made news in Oregon in 1999 when it acquired a significant property, known as the Cedar Palace, for its operations. Operating a for-profit enterprise, Compliance Service of America Inc., from this location, the group assisted businesses in navigating various alcohol licensing regulations across the country.

Controversy has surrounded the Fellowship, particularly involving allegations of indoctrination and the manipulation of young members. A notable case involved a teenager from Johannesburg who, at the age of 15, began communicating with Fellowship members online and eventually moved to Oregon to marry the group’s leader, Amadon, at 18. This situation raised concerns about the nature of the group’s influence on young individuals and their methods of recruitment and retention.

Members of the Living Love Fellowship, including Amadon, have generally maintained a low profile, emphasizing their commitment to spiritual growth and mentoring. They have engaged in business operations through Compliance Service of America during the day and focused on spiritual activities in the evenings. The community members shared living spaces and participate in collective practices aimed at fostering spiritual development.

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