Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Plaster Rock

A dynamic revival church with deep historical roots and a vibrant community of believers.

The Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Plaster Rock, now known as the Family Worship Center, has been a significant presence in Plaster Rock, New Brunswick, since its establishment in 1931. Originating from humble beginnings, the church’s foundation can be traced back to the early 20th century, marked by the evangelistic efforts of an Irishman named William J. Rolston. Rolston’s ministry began with tent crusades and revival sermons, eventually leading to the establishment of a permanent church building in Plaster Rock by 1932​​.

Under the leadership of Pastor Daniel McKillop and his father, Bishop Dana McKillop, the Family Worship Center has grown to become a beacon of hope in the community. It stands out for its dynamic services, spirit-led preaching, and a commitment to the Apostolic doctrine. The church emphasizes the importance of experiencing Pentecost, inviting individuals to discover their purpose through the Word of God​​​​.

The church’s history is one of generational transition and expansion, having extended its reach beyond the borders of Plaster Rock to include campuses in Grand Falls, NB, Presque Isle, ME, and even international missions in Belize. This expansion is a testament to the church’s vision of being “One Church in Many Locations,” driven by a mission to spread hope, restoration, and the teachings of the Apostolic faith​​.

Despite its growth and positive impact on many, the church has not been without controversy. There have been discussions within the community regarding the church’s influence, particularly in terms of employment for its members and the potential for a major community split. Mayor Gary Broad of Plaster Rock has acknowledged the church’s significant presence and influence in the community, noting its rigid faith and the large following it has attracted. This has led to concerns about the balance between the church’s growth and the integrity of the community at large​​.

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