American Vision

American Vision

An influential Christian Reconstructionist organization advocating for the application of Biblical law in all areas of life.

Religion: Christianity
Denomination: Reformed Theology
Founder: Steve Schiffman
Founded: 1978
Location: United States
Other Names: American Vision, Inc.

American Vision is a Christian nonprofit organization founded in 1979, with a mission centered around restoring America to its biblical foundations, from Genesis to Revelation. The organization positions itself at the forefront of worldview study, aiming to equip Christians with a biblically-based worldview for active engagement in reclaiming the culture for Christ. This mission is pursued through the dissemination of educational resources, tackling issues such as God & Government and eschatology within the Church, thereby promoting a vision for an America where Christians apply a biblical worldview across all facets of society​​.

Gary DeMar, a prominent figure within American Vision, contributes to its extensive repository of web articles addressing a wide array of topics, from current events to longstanding theological discussions. The organization explores subjects like the authentic historical record of the New Testament, the role of Christians in politics, and the implications of certain social issues from a biblical perspective. By engaging in such discussions, American Vision seeks to provoke thought and action among Christians towards societal engagement and transformation .

American Vision’s strategy utilizes modern communication technologies—such as the internet, audio/video resources, publications, and training seminars—to spread its message. This approach mirrors the Apostle Paul’s use of Roman highways to disseminate the Gospel, showcasing a blend of historical evangelism tactics with contemporary mediums. The organization’s outreach focuses on creating a comprehensive biblical worldview among Christians, encouraging them to engage in reclaiming culture for Christ across various domains, including the internet, publications, and video productions​​.

American Vision, which promotes Christian Reconstructionist and Dominionist ideologies, has faced criticism for its staunch conservative and theocratic views, which advocate for the United States to be governed by biblical laws. Critics argue that such a perspective threatens religious freedom and the separation of church and state, undermining pluralism and democracy. Individuals connected with American Vision have also been embroiled in personal scandals, notably the case involving Doug Phillips of Vision Forum, a related organization. Phillips resigned after admitting to an inappropriate relationship, raising questions about accountability and moral integrity within similar ministries.

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