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Atlas Project

A transformative personal development program with a focus on self-exploration and community building.


A spiritual movement seeking to unlock the intellectual connection to the spiritual world.


A transmedia universe marred by internal controversy, including allegations of manipulation and plagiarism.


A spiritual mosaic blending diverse religious traditions under the universal chant of "AUM."


A transformational seminar series that blurs the lines between self-improvement and cult-like indoctrination.

Aryan Brotherhood

A notorious amalgam of white supremacy and organized crime, flourishing within and beyond prison walls.


A global direct selling giant entangled in controversy and political connections.


A global network of militant Islamism challenging the West and moderate Muslim nations.


A Nigerian spiritual movement known for its emphasis on prayer, healing, and the indigenization of Christianity.

Advent Christian Church

An Adventist community prioritizing the imminent Second Coming of Christ and advocating for the conditional immortality of the soul.

Zebedee Armstrong

A visionary artist with a profound message on time and divinity through his unique doomsday calendars.


A Victorian era sect with scandalous rituals and a belief in the imminent Second Coming.

Apostolic United Brethren

A Mormon fundamentalist group practicing plural marriage and preserving early Latter-day Saint doctrines.

Answers in Genesis

A ministry at the forefront of creationism, challenging evolutionary science with a biblical worldview.

Alleluia Community

A vibrant ecumenical covenant community with a heart for unity, service, and living the Christian faith together.


A mystic sect of Shi'a Islam with esoteric beliefs and a political legacy in Syria.

Kuzma Alekseyev (Kuzya-the-God)

A historical figure who led the Teryukhan unrest and proclaimed himself a prophet, intertwining Mordvin traditional beliefs with Christianity.


A Christian-oriented healing movement established in Belgium in the early 20th century, combining elements of Spiritism and faith healing.

Atlas Vampire

A chilling unsolved mystery from 1930s Stockholm, involving a gruesome murder and suspicions of vampirism.


A South Indian monistic faith with a focus on spiritual enlightenment and societal reformation, based on the teachings of Ayya Vaikundar.

Agape Ministries

A controversial religious group with apocalyptic beliefs and a tumultuous history.


A medieval Christian sect associated with pantheism and radical free thought.

Austin Canons

A religious order of canons regular in the Catholic Church, known for their pastoral care and commitment to the Rule of Saint Augustine.

Aurora Colony

A 19th-century communal society in Oregon known for its craftsmanship and music, founded by a German religious leader.

Aum Shinrikyo

A Japanese doomsday cult responsible for the deadly 1995 Tokyo subway sarin attack, known for its apocalyptic beliefs and charismatic leader, Shoko Asahara.


An early Christian sect known for its unique interpretation of the nature of God and anthropomorphism.

Assemblies of Yahweh

A monotheistic religious organization emphasizing the restoration of the original Hebrew name of God and adherence to Old Testament laws.


An extraterrestrial being and the focus of a widespread New Age belief system known for its messages of cosmic spirituality and intergalactic communication.

Ashram Communities

A network of spiritual retreats offering communal living and focusing on personal development, meditation, and holistic practices.


A controversial Indian spiritual leader embroiled in legal scandals and convicted of sexual assault.

Aryan Nations

A white supremacist group advocating for the establishment of an all-white homeland and known for its extreme anti-Semitic and racist ideologies.


An early Christian sect that diverged from mainstream teachings with its unique Christological views.

Art of Living Foundation

A global spiritual and humanitarian organization offering self-development programs and breathing techniques for inner peace and societal transformation.


A medieval Christian sect challenging orthodoxy with its radical views on poverty and the Church's corruption.

Army of God

A radical Christian organization known for its violent anti-abortion stance and acts of domestic terrorism.


A controversial Christian movement rooted in the teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong, which emphasizes unique interpretations of end-time prophecies and Old Testament laws.


One of the early Christian heresies, which denied the full divinity of Jesus Christ.


A Gnostic sect with unique beliefs about the cosmos and salvation.

Apostolic Faith Church

A Pentecostal Christian denomination known for its emphasis on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the experience of speaking in tongues.

Apostolic Brethren

A medieval heretical Christian movement, challenging the wealth and practices of the Catholic Church with radical egalitarian views.

Apostles of Infinite Love

A small yet fervent sect claiming to possess the true Catholic doctrine, led by a man who declared himself Pope.


A 4th-century Christian sect, asserting a unique Christology that emphasized the divine nature of Jesus over his humanity.


A political movement in the early 19th century United States opposing the secretive and influential nature of Freemasonry.


A 4th-century Christian sect rejecting the perpetual virginity of Mary, mother of Jesus.

Ant Hill Kids

A notorious cult led by Roch Thériault, marked by extreme abuse and pseudo-religious control in 1970s and 1980s Canada.


A 4th-century theological doctrine asserting the dissimilarity between God the Father and Jesus Christ.


Solitary figures in Christian asceticism, seeking closeness to God through extreme forms of isolation and self-denial.


Pioneers of adult baptism and religious freedom in the 16th century, advocating separation of church and state and pacifism.


A theological perspective within Protestantism emphasizing God's universal love and provisional atonement, attributed to 17th-century theologian Moïse Amyraut.


An enduring symbol of simple living, traditional dress, and reluctance to adopt many conveniences of modern technology.
American Vision

American Vision

An influential Christian Reconstructionist organization advocating for the application of Biblical law in all areas of life.
Amana Colonies

Amana Colonies

A utopian society in Iowa known for its communal living and unique crafts.


A mystical Christian movement in 16th-century Spain, known for their emphasis on inner enlightenment and direct experience of God, which led to clashes with the Inquisition.


An ancient Christian group known for rejecting the Gospel of John and the Book of Revelation, emphasizing a rational interpretation of Christianity.


A medieval Christian movement in southern France, known for its dualist beliefs and tragic end during the Albigensian Crusade.
Alamo Christian Foundation

Alamo Christian Foundation

A controversial Christian group known for its fervent evangelism, legal troubles, and the eventual imprisonment of its leader.


A Malaysian Islamic revivalist movement that flourished in the 1980s and 1990s, known for its unique blend of religious practices and economic ventures, but ultimately banned for its controversial teachings.


A distinct Islamic movement founded in the late 19th century, known for its peaceful teachings and global humanitarian efforts, yet facing widespread persecution.


A mystical Hindu sect known for their extreme rituals, including cannibalism and meditating on corpses, in pursuit of enlightenment.

Aggressive Christianity Training Corps

A controversial Christian group known for its militant approach to faith and intense training programs, facing legal challenges and accusations of cult-like behavior.

Aetherius Society

A spiritual organization combining UFO beliefs with yoga and metaphysics, known for its claims of extraterrestrial communication.
Aesthetic Realism

Aesthetic Realism

An educational and cultural philosophy exploring the aesthetic structure of reality and human relations.
Access Consciousness

Access Consciousness

A self-help organization offering tools and techniques for personal transformation, amidst criticism and controversy over its methods and beliefs.


A new religious movement founded by Adi Da Samraj, known for its emphasis on spiritual enlightenment and a controversial history.


A Christian sect known for their radical nudity and rejection of marriage, echoing the purity of Adam and Eve before the Fall.